Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some multi-media project examples as you work on your projects

Here are a couple examples of some multi-media projects that might give you some ideas as you proceed with your projects. Thanks to Alex McDaniel for letting me know about the Hardship & Hope series done by photojournalism students at the University of North Carolina. Check the link out. I enjoyed the story titled Holding On (which Alex passed along)and also Stop the Presses, which dealt with layoffs of journalists in Raleigh, North Carolina, some of whom I used to work with many years ago at the old, now-defunct afternoon newspaper, The Raleigh Times.
The University of North Carolina is doing some great stuff. Check out their multi-media gallery for other projects.
Those following the immigration issue will be particularly interested in the project titled Nuevasfronteras.

Also check out the Washington Post's Mediastorm site for some good projects, including an interesting one on the treatment of women in India.

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